Over forty-five years later, this image still inspires us. The great beauty of the Earth set against the enormous blackness of space give us feeling of the fragility and isolation of our common home. For many at the time, this image became of symbol of the idea that we are all interrelated; we are all in this together. If we cannot solve our problems then there is no where else to turn. There is no one else who will help us get along with our neighbors; there is no place else to dump our refuse and nowhere else to get new raw material.

To borrow a popular phrase, “What happens on Earth, stays on Earth.” This ‘interrelatedness’ is not only manifest on a global scale but also on a generational scale. Like our forebears, we are custodians of this planet and we are responsible for its stewardship. What we do will today will effect generations to come.

This site is an forum dedicated to finding solutions to our interrelated problems facing society today. It is a place for open dialog on how economics, technology, politics, and our human morality are integrated and on how we can devise solutions to these interrelated problems . These problems are endemic to our environmental, economic, and social and are rooted in moral crisis.

In preparing material for this site, we began to see a common theme: that real solution to the problems we face today – integrated solutions – is that they are implemented and tailored at a local level.